About Us

We provide high-quality education and training

Educatation using digital solutions

Research with innovatove IT technologies

Innovative solutions for environment protection

New generation of engineers, oil business administrators and future leaders



We see our school as an international research and education center which produces innovative technologies, digital solutions and highly educated and skilled professionals for oil and gas industry


History of Almetyevsk State Oil Institute begins with a training and consulting center opened in September 1956. Originally it was an extramural faculty of Moscow Oil Institute named after I.M. Gubkin


Willingness to change

We accept necessity for change and feel a real excitement and passion for creating a new future. We are ready for challenges and are constantly moving forward by supporting our employees, research teams and students. We are always open to cooperation with other universities, companies and community creating new ideas,  plans and projects for our future.

We value your values and appreciate unicity of each

We value the unicity of each employee and student, and encourage the ones to develop. Our students have numerous opportunities of being engaged in research, education and field projects of their choice, and we also help our scientists to launch, implement and manage new exciting projects.

Versatile and motivated teamwork

We believe that creating a versatile and motivated team is the key to the successful development of our School and are constantly working on it. Teamworking and brainstorming are used by our employees and our students to solve emerging problems on the daily basis. We appreciate passion of our team members for innovative solutions and encourage them to be creative and connective, ambitious and focused on goals we shall achieve.

Innovative technologies

The ability of our faculty members, employees and students to comprehend, to apply and to develop new technologies is one of our main priorities. New technologies are changing our live, protecting the environment and making a great contribution to the success of the oil industry, and we are proud of our contribution to the modernization and development of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Community development

We value our community and see making a feasible contribution to its development as one of the most important tasks. Bringing to the area innovations improving people’s live, creating employment opportunities in the high-tech sector and educating community members are our global priorities.